Defending iOS with cheap iPhones

Benedict Evans delivers a compelling argument on why a cheaper iPhone is essential for Apple: A new, cheaper, high-volume iPhone would have the potential to mitigate or even reverse this trend. Clearly, like current low-end Android, it would sell to a demographic with a lower average engagement and purchase rate and so the average iOS rates would drop. However, it would mean that iOS’s reach would expand significantly at the expense of Android. How would a $200 or $300 iPhone

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Interesting Quotes on the Apple iPad

Those who are worried that the iPad will cut into sales of the iPod Touch or the MacBook are the same people who worried that McDonald’s (MCD) chicken nuggets would cut into hamburger sales. Successful expansion into new categories is always a good thing. Apple did it. They created a new category within the mobile Internet tsunami. (via Four Ways Apple Beat iPad Expectations — Seeking Alpha) and Apple’s not actually selling a computer. Or a flash drive or multitouch.

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My Technology Prediction for 2010

This is the time of year when everyone gives their predictions for the upcoming year. I usually shy away from this for the simple reason that if I could accurately predict anything I’d be much wealthier. That said, there is one trend that I believe will truly take shape in 2010 the way it has been predicted for many years now: mobile web browsing. For years (and I mean this literally), the mobile web was going to be the next

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