Web usability key for online marketing success even in eLearning

I started doing some preparations today for the strategic marketing class I teach at Virginia Tech. The fall semester is almost here, so I figured it’s about time to make sure the online access and listserv were ready. Sadly, I dread this small task because I have to interface with Blackboard. Despite (or maybe because of) Blackboard’s dominance in many universities, the software is completely unusable. Blackboard is quite possibly the worst web application I have used recently. Why such

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Virginia Tech memorials on campus

I took the opportunity yesterday to head over to campus. Day one was absolute shock. Day two was horrible grief and sadness. Yesterday, I finally felt that I needed to deal with my mourning and visit campus to see the memorials and pay my respects. I found the overall scene to be surreal and a somewhat different picture than most are seeing on the news. On a beautiful spring day that would normally have been crowded with students and full

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Virginia Tech Tragedy

What a horrible day. I’ve received several inquires today from a couple mainstream media outlets (CBS Evening News, Washington Post) regarding the tragedy that has unfolded today at Virginia Tech. A blog post I wrote on the last shooting that occurred in August 2006 has been getting a lot of traffic today as everyone has been scrambling for news as the events unfolded in Blacksburg. I was unable to provide any additional information today as luckily I wasn’t on campus.

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Google CEO gives $2 million to Virginia Tech

The Roanoke Times reports that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has given Virginia Tech a $2 million gift to the College of Engineering. Apparently, Schmidt grew up in Blacksburg and was the son of a professor. The longer I live here, the more successful former residents and alumni I read about. Schmidt, who received master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, spoke at Tech’s commencement in 1999 at Torgersen’s request. He’s given to Tech before, establishing the Wilson

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