Firefox 1.5 is released

I saw that Firefox 1.5 was released today. I just downloaded it and will install later. I’m hoping they fixed a nasty memory leak I’ve been seeing, but haven’t had time to look into. Some of the new features include

* Automated update to streamline product upgrades.
* Faster browser navigation with improvements to back and forward button performance.
* Drag and drop reordering for browser tabs.
* Improvements to popup blocking.
* Clear Private Data feature provides an easy way to quickly remove personal data through a menu item or keyboard shortcut.
* Improvements to product usability including descriptive error pages, redesigned options menu, RSS discovery, and “Safe Mode” experience.
* Better accessibility including support for DHTML accessibility and assistive technologies.
* Report a broken Web site wizard to report Web sites that are not working in Firefox.
* Better support for Mac OS X (10.2 and greater) including profile migration from Safari and Mac Internet Explorer.
* New support for Web Standards including SVG, CSS 2 and CSS 3, and JavaScript 1.6.
* Many security enhancements.

Tom currently works in developer relations for IBM Watson. A serial entrepreneur, he's been the founder of numerous startups including Investify and StatsMix, a Techstars alumni company. Tom lives outside Boulder, Colorado and in his free time he's an avid rock climber, skier, and trail runner.

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  • One more thing I’d like to see in a future release of Firefox â?? and I’ve seen it in action in the OmniWeb browser (on MacOS X) â?? it’s about the “tabbed windows” and in my view, they should present the actual image of the website within that tab.

    It’s much easier to view the variety of sites already open in other tabs when the images are made so clearly visible.

    Overall, Firefox rocks ; )

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