Web analytics services and Performancing’s mistake

July 26, 2007

Center Networks has a great overview of the available options for web analytics. I’ve tried many of these services, but each of them have been lacking in some way. The following services are briefly covered: Clicky, eXTReMe Tracking, Google Analytics, Mint, and Quantcast.

One service I tried recently that wasn’t mentioned was Performancing Metrics which has a robust set of features and a modest monthly charge for full access. Clicky looked interesting, but upon arriving at the home page it appeared to be exactly the same as Performancing’s offering. Even the landing page is the same. Upon close examination, I wasn’t able to clearly see the relationship between the two. Is Performancing white labeling or vice versa?

So I did a little digging to find out. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had a concern. Andy Beard performed some research and found that Performacing Metrics is in fact just a hosted version of Clicky.

Betaflow also reported the same:

Performancing has just announced the re-release of Performancing Metrics, except itâ??s not Performancing Metrics. Itâ??s just a rebranded version of Clicky – in which they are surely earning a commission off of each user that ends off selecting the for-profit versions of Clicky.

I know things have been rough in the Performancing camp – especially since there was supposed to be a big sale, but that fell through, and then you had your products all spread out and branded separately (ScribeFire); you lacked the resources to maintain Performancing Metrics yourself – all understandable.

But, to mislead your users by announcing, all of a sudden, a new version of Metrics and it turn out to be nothing more than a ploy to earn affiliate commissions? Sadâ?¦ do you really need the money that bad?

If having your personal data almost sold to Pay per Post wasnâ??t bad enough – how much trust do you have for Performancing now?

I don’t begrudge any company from either providing or using a white label service. I do find it extremely dumb to not change a single bit of copy or images from the sales portion of the web site. After seeing this I have little confidence in Performancing (not that I was a regular user of any their services or sites to begin with).

Anyone have any thoughts on Performancing? Am I being overly harsh here?

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Allen July 26, 2007 at 12:26 pm

Hi Tom – thanks for commenting on CN – I appreciate it. Yes, Performancing Metrics is a white label of Clicky.

In my opinion Performancing died a long time ago. I was a regular member for a long time, and pushed their services and posts. I haven’t been to the site in quite a while.

Tom Markiewicz July 27, 2007 at 8:37 am

Thanks Allen. I looked into many of Performancing’s offerings over the past couple years and they were just never right for me.

I just added Clicky to this blog and so far I really like the stats. I especially like the FeedBurner integration, though I expect we’ll see this in Google Analytics soon with their recent purchase of FB.

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